Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why is it that...?

Since I've started playing again I have been questing and leveling and I am currently level 65. I have just about finished Zangarmarsh and I am currently working on Terokkar Forest. I am still leveling as a Moonkin and I am loving every minute of it.

Here is a story of my power. (lol)

I was in this group to do Slave Pens, 65 balance druid, 63 enhancement shaman, 65 shadow priest, 70 bear druid, and a 62 rogue. So the debate was to have me heal or have the priest heal. I kept on insisting that the priest heal so I can Dps. They agreed followed by this comment from the rogue, "moonkin over spriest...rofl, watevr". I ignored this comment and was thinking to myself that there is no way I am going to let this rogue out DPS me.

All through the instance I am strongly holding my spot in second.

So we get to the second boss (the giant crab) we take him out and I post the damage meters. I can't remember the exact numers (forgot to screenshot /palm to face) but the order went like this: Druid, Me, Shaman, Rogue, Priest.

I swear after the rogue saw this he snapped. "There is no way your ahead of me" "your damage meter is picking up 1/2 melee hits" "I do 1.5k Dps I know for a fact you did not out dps me." "That includes your damage from questing"

I then recieved a /kick from the group and was sent to Shatt.


This got me thinking about class stereotypes. (I am prety sure thats what you call em.)

So I came up with some questions to ask.

Rogues. Why is it that you think they can kill anybody in PvP and can do more DPS then anybody antime anywhere?

Hunters. Why is it that you think they can do everything? (Don't get me wrong they practically can but I have heard this quite a few times doing instances, "We don't need a tank my pet can tank." That comment has me rofl everytime.)

Well my list is short (and upsetting that I couldn't think of anything else).
I am curious to see what ones YOU can come up with.

Take that as a challenge!

You can post a comment or make a post out of it on your own blog and let me know so I can see what you have to say.


Edge and Kiyo said...

Only one I can think of at the moment would be:

Pally tank, just because you CAN tank every mob in the pull, doesn't mean you should. Be considerate of your healer and use a little CC, from time to time.

Ill try to think of more and maybe get back to you! Nice blog btw, I like your banner :D


Lathe of Llane said...

A rogue's whole bag of tricks is DPS. Sure, they CC a touch, but DPS is their whole reason d'etre. I've read a lot of complaints from rogues that they can't buff the group, or perform myriad other helpful tasks.

Hunters... a good one knows what he can and can't do. For example, he'd never say that his pet can tank (I fully agree with your sentiments there). A good hunter knows where to push the limits, how many mobs they can CC / kite / juggle. They're also nuts. The lot of them.

Each class tends to have a bit of a stereotype or two around it. It's fun to explore those while grouping with others (even our friends and guild mates!), and to find those rare gems that break the mold and become a shining beacon of what you know blizzard originally intended for the class.